About Me


Joan A.  Hamilton,  born in 1955 in North Bay Ontario.  Most artists describe their love of painting and drawing as having originated in their childhood. I am no exception. I vividly remember being seated on the long bench at our kitchen table with a large box of crayons and a piece of paper drawing Christmas pictures and colouring them. Probably fighting to get the very crayons I needed from my numerous siblings similarily engaged. The scents of Christmas baking are mixed in with these memories, as well as the sense of excitement and new possibilities the season generated.

It’s amazing how many childhood memories are linked to the ‘art’ we did in grade school. From pumpkins to easter eggs and all the seasons and holidays in between. There was a sense of orderliness and ceremony attached to the annual renderings and creations. Presenting your best effort to the world by having your art on the bulletin board or better yet…in the hall was a thrill I can still recall. These art projects that defined the seasons also went on at home. I had older sisters who generously shared their ‘magic markers,’  and bristol board, and encouraged this creativity.

Unfortunately, it was not an interest that I pursued into my adulthood. I did manage to doodle and draw on and off for years, but never invested any time or real effort in it…until three years ago when I rediscovered the joyous feeling of having a new piece of paper and a new crayon all over again with Corel Painter 9.5.

Only this time I have an unlimited supply of paper, and painting tools! This is much more fun than Etch a Sketch, and worlds away from Spirograph, which didn’t impress me much…for obvious reasons!


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