Christmas Card Original Art – Snow People Shoppers

Copyright Joan A Hamilton October 2008

Having fun making Christmas Cards. Once I got the sizes down pat it got easier, and I can usually get the colour concentration right (on the first attempt) for the kind of card finish I have chosen.

I used a pattern fill for their scarves. Used the Lasso Tool again for this. Outline the scarf area and pick a pattern fill from the drop down menu on the Toolbox. Using the Paint Bucket Tool from the Toolbox, click in the middle of the scarf area and there you have …a flashy plaid scarf only a snowman or snow woman would wear!! I think I’ll make some more snow people, it’s almost as much fun as making a real snowman was. Made quite a few when I was a child, North Bay seemed to get a ton of snow back then! I have to say honestly though, that my style of drawing them hasn’t changed all that much…better use my imagination some more!


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