Don’t Eat That Pear!

I can’t believe we actually had to have this discussion. I had to explain to my husband that he really couldn’t eat the last perfectly ripe pear sitting out on the kitchen counter because it is exactly the colour I want it to be to paint it.  And …no, buying me a new one tomorrow will not be the same.  I guess it will have to join the Christmas chocolates and the cookies my daughter made for us for Christmas in the bedroom/studio! Have to keep my eye on these things (I’m not just being greedy my husband is a diabetic who thinks Christmas goodies don’t count!) My New Year’s Resolution is to not nag him (so much*) about what he eats and what time he goes to bed!

My sister Marie gave me the line.  Apparently my other sister Monica (who is a wonderful painter) has frequently warned her not to eat the pears when they have been visiting together.

I like to go to bed at a reasonable hour usually, so I’ll say goodnight!


One response to “Don’t Eat That Pear!

  1. That’s a great story, Joan.
    A story of true inspiration (the last pear).

    I love your art creations and upon viewing your website,(, I see many new wonderful pieces. …and information that will help me chose the perfect piece for my home, like the grouping, dimensions, matting and framing.

    They are all so beautiful, and I love your stills….marnie’s purple, and Daphne’s purple pepper (white linen), I might have to move a few pictures around my little condo – can you tell my colour is purple – however, expect the unexpected …(for which I’ve had my sights set on for some time, but wasn’t sure about the dimensions). I’m also quite intrigued by your latest piece in the works.

    Beautiful work, Joanie.
    🙂 jenn

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