Sending a note card in the mail is a social grace that can’t be replaced by email.



I painted this especially for my mother-in-law Pauline, who says she’s not a ‘flower person,’ (because I started out painting only flowers). She loves rocks and water and told me she was ‘honoured’ to have a card designed expecially for her. Wasn’t that a lovely thing to say! There is something special about receiving a hand written thank you card. The prevalence of text messages and instant communication makes getting such a treat in the regular mail mean more than a casual, easily tossed off email. At least it does to me. I won’t tell you what I really think of ecards…unless they come from the artist who created them.  I know I am slightly old-fashioned this way, but I actually think sending cards is a social grace that is coming back in vogue. Look at all the neat scrapbooking and card making products there are on the market. Not to mention all the cards! Oh well, the competition is fierce I know, but can’t let that stop me from trying.

Actually, I can think of a lot of people these cards would appeal to. Men who don’t feel a card with flowers is always the thing. Do men send each other cards ever? Hmm, interesting question. They must on a business level, but otherwise I don’t have a clue. Maybe I should do a poll? Question number two, do men answer polls?



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