Alium Digital Watercolour in Progress Part Three


I have added some Italian Watercolour Texture  (how to do this is in the Printing the Apple Still Life Tutorial in the Jan. 6/09 blog) to my paper and am using a watercolour airbrush to add some pink glazing to the petal areas. Zoomed in here  looks like real paper. I usually don’t add texture during a painting, but I thought I’d experiment here.  The wet glazes seems to need the surface texture to stick to.

I have painted the stems for this new section trying to keep it neater and blended cleanly to make the stems look round and not flat. I used the Straight Lines Tool to do some dark green shading on the bottom surfaces of these stems. I had to blend the chalk sketch marks on the canvas layer, so I wouldn’t blend the watercolour layer in yet. So, it’s important not to drop the layers yet. I can’t seem to keep track of them if I start getting more than 4-5 layers open at once. I’ve also noticed Corel Painter has a tendency to crash on me when I ask it to remember too many complex layers. At least, that’s what seems to make ‘it’ happen. Fortunately, it will usually save the open documents in the Recovered File. Make sure you write down what abbreviation they have named the file, or you’ll forget what it was when you get in there! It’s  like the wastebasket you are afraid to dump yet, in case you have thrown something important away! I haven’t dumped mine for a year …almost. It’s getting too hard to find stuff in there! I have lost hours and hours of good work  enough times that I try to save often. It can also crash and save nothing at all, but that hasn’t happened for a long time. Touch wood*

To be continued…

I will be away for a day or so doing some art marketing. I’ll let you know how it went when I return.


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