Alium Digital Watercolour in Progress Part Two





I’m having a hard time with the stems. It looks easy eh! Just green lines with a little light and shadow on them. I’m still using the fine tip dig wc and a tiny dig wc blender. After drying this digital watercolours you can use the regular blenders and what I call the  ‘movers and pullers’ to fine tune the light and shadow and the edges. The tricky part is, they are not all the same colour of green and I want the stems to look  like cylinders, not two dimensional tubes!  This calls for a surer hand when applying the original washes to the stems. Since it’s so skinny, trying to give it shape with blenders alone gets very messy looking. Even after I worked on the ones I did last night, they still looked a mess.

To fix this mess the goal are :

  • get the colours right and hopefully narrowing colours used down to two or three on the smaller stems will give it a more cohesive realistic appearance
  • try not to wiggle the brush to get steadier strokes
  • blend very carefully to reinforce the cylindrical shape
  • reposition some stems

This illustration shows how and why I lassoed this stem to move it around rather than just erase it and start over.



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