Thoughts on valuing original digital art

It has been a busy week, between marketing my art and producing it. I always seem to be torn between the two. Like most artists, I would rather paint than have to worry about selling it. Trying to find a balance between the two is essential for success.

I have been researching the subject of selling my digital art and have been stymied at times by the fact that my ‘prints’ are the ‘output’ of my original work. There is a great deal of information on the internet about the subject of selling art, but not all of it pertains to selling original digital art. What complicates the issue for me is the question of how to compare it to traditionally created art. A watercolour artist paints a picture and ends up with a one of a kind piece of work. I paint a picture and end up with a digital image that can be ‘output’ to print an infinite number of times and it still be the very same as the first original. Does this make the traditional watercolour more valuable than my digital watercolour? Would mine only be considered as valuable if I only printed it once, then destroyed the original digital image so it could never be printed again? Something in my frugal soul squirms at this idea, it seems like such a waste to me.



One response to “Thoughts on valuing original digital art

  1. I think that you raise an important question.

    Personally, I feel each are as valuable. Its not the paper or media, but the artist’s interpretation and expression of an idea.

    I guess its like an author. Is an author’s work less valuable because he typed it in a word processor instead of a typewriter?

    Please keep up the great work!

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