Digital watercolour in a traditional style


Fruit and Jug On Black Chair
original digital painting by
Joan A Hamilton
February 2009



This is an experiment with colour for me. Unfortunately the screen does not really show all the different colours I used in the background and the end result is a little muddy looking. I added the plum more than two thirds of the way through because I thought it needed a little something to complete the circle of movement and an accent colour to give it a little punch.  According to a Color Trends for 2009 article I read on Barney Davey’s Blog these colours will be ‘in’ this year.  That influenced my choices only because it reaffirmed that I wanted to use this particular colour palette. The contrasts on the white jug and cloth don’t show up very well here either, but it looks striking (in a nice way) printed on the Aurora Fine Art paper in a black frame.

I am frustrated with the fact that so much of the detail I paint in does not always translate to print as clearly as I  want it to. It helps to increase the resolution to 600 dpi before printing, but I’m beginning to think I have to change my style and use bolder and more visible brush strokes and more variation in colour and value.  I will be experimenting with that soon.

Wecome to visitors from the UK via DigitalArtShow! Hope you enjoy your little visit to Canada!    they featured one of my tutorial posts here recently if you are interested.


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